Hello there! I'm Marvin Aquino

A recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago, with a BFA in Advertising in Art Direction, currently looking for a job opportunity with an advertising firm. Originally from Chicago, but currently residing in Southern California, I plan to take my midwest attitude and sensibilities anywhere life takes me. Last but not least, Daaaa Bears.


The goal was to increase the sale and awareness of Starbucks' packaged coffee beans.


During a One Club Creative Bootcamp, we were tasked with creating a campaign targetting "milennials" to raise awareness of Sprint's Truly Unlimited Data.


A campaign I had the most fun with. Trying to reclaim a negative joke of the USPS as a positive one by taking a joke in stride. Who says "Going Postal" has to be a bad thing?


This campaign has probably the best headline I have ever wrote. Besides that, the goal was to show the variety of customizations that the Honda Ruckus could undergo.


As a Sennheiser user, I was obligated to do a campaign on a product that kept me company during my urban commute.


My attempt to make Pez more relevant again.


A documentation of my professional journey. Downloadable and printable version available below.


I am best contacted through e-mail, however, if you prefer to hear my voice don't hesistate to call. Additionally, if you want to digitally stalk me to vet me for possible employment, feel free to do so using the bottom navigation toolbar.

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Synovate/Ipsos (July 2010-May 2012) Technical Publishing

My first time navigating the jungle of bureaucracy and red tape. Working under a “bottom line” Director eventually resulted in absorbing another job from a different team, effectively having me responsible for work meant for two people for two different teams. Consequently, a paranoid co-worker-turned-spy became intrusive to my daily work life, improving my diplomatic abilities.

Atlas Shippers Int’l (August 2007-July 2010) Office Manager

Voluntarily decided to work for my maker and my own toughest critic. I had my work cut out for me pleasing a self-made blue collar man by driving Mister Daisy from Chicago to Florida frequently to deliver client packages between offices. English and Tagalog competency was required to help prevent being tricked into giving out discounts to cunning hagglers.

AMC Entertainment (February 2006–August 2007) Operations Coordinator

Commanded a squad of my most trusted associates through time-sensitive missions that included challenges such as low visibility while cleaning after others, standing our ground during invasions of which we were outnumbered greatly, and surviving a dangerous battlefield of unforgiving (slippery) terrain and splattering scorching oil.


Columbia College Chicago

BFA Art Direction in Advertising (Fall 2013)


The Society of Typographic Arts

Art Directors Club

Spring 2013 One Club Creative Bootcamp

Diner Grill Slinger Award (June 2012)

I came. I ate. I dominated. On a particular inebriated night, I stumbled across a little diner that had a Slinger Challenge. The victor would be able to walk away without paying the bill. For you non-midwesterners, a slinger consists of a hamburger patty, hashbrowns, and two eggs covered in chili.






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