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Hear it the first time

Lately, consumers have been more educated when it comes to electronics. They do their research and they are more than willing to spend extra on quality products. In addition to this, the surge of popularity with Twitch has helped increased the market for quality electronics.

The idea is that a quality pair of headphones will produce the best quality audio. While many people will have their opinions on how heavy they want their bass to be, the overall benefit that everyone can agree on is "accuracy".

For execution, we take the idea that there are songs that we get the lyrics wrong, but are we wrong or is our headphones to blame? The accuracy of the audio due to Sennheiser's headphones will make it so that there is no room for uncertainty.

This campaign can also extend into "gamers" due to the benefit of "accuracy".

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Honda Ruckus

There's one out there for you

This campaign is based on the Ruckus' feature of customization. The overall benefit is that you can get something that truly represents you. In order to show this, the idea of Tinder or online dating is quite similar in the context of "finding the one" and "there is someone out there for you".

The setup can be with fictional pop characters to develop interest in the app. Users will then be able to build their own Ruckus profile. No pictures can be uploaded besides the "Background". A unique Ruckus picture can be made within the app.

There is great growth potential due to the juxtaposition of the idea of this app and Tinder's app. While it is not the primary function to be a real social application, it can be. Users can message each other based on their own representation of themselves through their Ruckus -- much like an avatar.

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We'll take the weight

This campaign is based on a microsite that has opportunity to expand further. The idea is make sending packages as painless as possible and to educate people about the many services that USPS offers that go unnoticed. The features that are highlighted are: Flat rate (no surcharges based on weight, 70lbs max), Priorty Mail box delivery to your door, and printable labels for at-home package pickup.

The setup is to encourage people to go through these features for a different goal, such as a charity event, making it more enticing to participate. The benefit of this is to showcase the features while making it easier for the participant to donate from the comfort of your home.

Overall, the goal is for consumers to learn from this experience and hopefully have a new perspective on USPS and the services they offer.

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Other Projects

Websites, Sketches, & the like

These are some of the projects I have worked on while at my current employer, Optimized360 as well as other side projects.

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Hi, I'm Marvin

Built in Chicago, Groomed in SoCal

While in Chicago, I turned 1,460 cups of coffee and copious amounts of student loans into a “Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising in Art Direction” degree, which is the long way of saying, “I do ADs”. I jet-setted my way to SoCal for love, to find work and to eat burgers slathered in thousand island sauce. The opportunity to work directly with interactive/digital media presented itself, and well... here I am.

Overall, I'm kind of a nerd. No scratch that, I'm entirely a nerd. I get passionate and excited about the little things. A self-starter at heart, I've been increasingly engrossed with learning all there is to digital design and absorbing all I can to be a servicable code wizard. If it really came down to it, I'd be able to develop and adjust most front-end work.

I'd like to think that because of my broad range of interest and hands-on expertise, I would bring a lot to the table than your average Art Director. I hope you liked what you've seen and if you have any questions or would like to know more about me, feel free to stalk me on LinkedIn. Don't worry, I don't bite!

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